Your total infection control specialist, Serving Hospitals, Medical Institutions & Pharmaceuticals Industries over last 67 years.
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Sterilizer for hospital

The NAT’s line of healthcare sterilizers are designed for hospital operating rooms, central sterile supply departments, ambulatory surgery centers, dental schools, and other clinical settings.

Sterilizer for Pharmaceutical

NAT’s pharmaceutical sterilizers have been engineered and manufactured in compliance with the cGMP regulations to meet the technical challenges of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Industrial Laundry

Our approach has made us one of India’s leading distributor of industrial laundry products that minimize water and energy use. To achieve maximum throughput, you need maximum performance.

Industrial Kitchen

NAT has designed & developed industrial Kitchen equipment over the years to handle growing need of Kitchen equipment for bigger establishments like Industrial Canteens, Hotels & etc.

Welcome to Nat Steel Equipment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Expertise is a key element in creating efficient solutions. We need to have a deep understanding of and commitment to providing our customers with the best. As experts, we strive to learn and improve each day. We know that our knowledge is never complete, therefore we have a willingness to learn, and openess to trying something new. In our market, trust is earned.

We therefore have a responsibility to help develop that bond of trust with our partners - our dealers, the people who use our products, the healthcare providers and their patients, our teammates, our business partners and suppliers, and within each of the communities that we serve. We honor our commitments, thus building and enforcing this trust-based relationship with products of the finest quality.

NAT Steel, today, is at the forefront of developments within the sterilizer industry in India and internationally. Presently NAT Steel manufactures a wide range of appliances for hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical and related industries. With thousands of installations all over India, NAT has become a leader in the industry.

Our drive and prime focus has been to fight the spread of infections caused by pathogenic microorganisms. It is our continuous endeavour to offer the best sterilization / disinfection solutions and services, and this is visible through our range of high quality products.

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