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Steam Sterilizer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
NAT Steel horizontal, high pressure, high vacuum steam sterilizer, rectangular type with vertical sliding Double door, with steam generator and fully automatic operation.

 Chamber Size : 660mm x 660mm x 1250 mm depth
  Volume : 545 Ltrs
  Working pressure : 2.2 kg
  Working temperature : 121o to 135°C
  Material : SS 316L
Chamber is fabricated with full argon welding and is made in round corners for easy cleaning and is given a 2% slope for full drainage of the condensate. Chamber is provided with safety valve and compounding gauges on both sides.

Pure steam will be used in the chamber for sterilization purpose.

Chamber is provided with SS 316L railing of circular cross section and is easily removable for easy cleaning.
 Chamber Baffles SS 316 L
 Jacket Material : SS 304
  Working pressure : 2.5 kg
  Working temperature : 138°C.
  To maintain uniform heating in the sterilization space.
 Insulation of Shell
The entire equipment including doors is insulated with 50mm thickness Resin Bonded Glass Wool & cladded with SS304 sheets. With this, the skin temperature of the equipment does not increase more than 550 C.
 Steam Generator
Steam Generator of 36 KW is provided underneath the chamber which will generate and provide dry saturated steam to jacket and chamber through steam dryer. Client to provide DM water to inbuilt steam generator to get the pure steam.
The equipment is provided with two automatic, vertical sliding doors operated through pneumatic cylinders. The door is fabricated from SS 316L quality material & sealing is done through movable silicone gasket pressurized by compressed air. Pressure gauge is provided for gasket, Door status indications are provided on both doors. Door movement safeties are taken care during the operations, such as interlocking of doors with process one door at a time and door obstruction facility.
 Flush Mounting
A stainless steel 304 sheets are provided on the unloading side door & fixed on the wall to avoid cross flow of sterile air to loading area (complete sealing between sterile and non sterile area).
 Valves & Piping
All valves & pipe lines which are connected to chamber will be of SS 316 quality whereas non-contact will be of SS 304 .The connectors are specially fabricated from solid bars & hence cracking of connectors is avoided. All pipe lines are argon welded with proper finish.

All process valves are of sanitary construction. All utility connections are brought to one point, at the corner of the equipment for easy operation to the customer. All exhaust, drains are connected to a common drain.

A removable screen plug is provided in the drain line to prevent clogging of the drain pipes and fittings.

Pneumatic lines are of copper tubes with Brass/SS connectors.
 Temperature and Pressure Sensors
Five nos. Class”A” Duplex temperature RTD sensors and one no. pressure sensor will be provided. All sensors are connected to the PLC and recorder. The system has a least count of 0.1ºcentigrade.
 Vacuum Pump
An adequate capacity Water Ring Vacuum Pump is provided along with the equipment to create the highest degree of vacuum in the chamber for air removal & for drying purpose. The pump is mounted on the equipment along with SS304 steam condenser, having copper cooling coil. This will avoid the direct steam entry to the pump.

A 0.2 micron vacuum break filter is provided on the sterile area to suck the sterile air for breaking the vacuum after drying stage.
 Condenser Shell and tube type steam condenser made of S.S 304 is provided.
 Stand S.S 304
 Programmable Logic Controller
8 level password protection for password security is given. RS232 port is provided for data communication. Inbuilt real time clock is provided with date and time function. UPS is provided as Battery back- up, for automatic restart in case of power failure. EEPROM is provided for secure software storage.F0 calculator for automatic calculation of lethality.
 Carriage SS 316 - 1 No.
 Trolley SS 304 - 2 Nos.
 Programs 5 pre-set program and one flexible program i.e. 6 programs will be provided. Other recipes as per user requirement will be provided.
 Validation Port
2 nos. validation ports will be provided with special leak tight ferrules is provided to accommodate 16 flexible Temp. sensors for the validation of the system.
 Air Filter 0.2 micron
 Strip Chart Recorder Six point strip chart recorder is provided for recording temperature at five points and pressure at one point.
 Data Recording 80 columns dot matrix data printer is provided to print the data, time, process parameters, process status and alarms.
 Safety and Alarms
High Temperature & Pressure
Utility failure
Vacuum pump trips
Evacuation fails
Heat up fails
Door obstruction
Opening of both doors simultaneously
Opening of either door in process
 Surface Finish Chamber & doors are buffed & polished to 0.8 Ra value & parts other non contact to less than 180 grit.
 Electric Supply 220 V, 3 ph, 60 Hz, AC
Design Qualifications
Installation Qualifications
Operational Qualifications
Maintenance & Service Manuals
Required Test Certificates

The above documents will be provided along with the equipment.

Rectangular Steam Sterilizer Standard Series
  Model   Chamber Dimension   Chamber Volume   Steam Generator
  18SR   450 x 450 x 900   182   9Kw
  24SR   600 x 600 x 1200   432   18Kw
  36SR   600 x 900 x 1500   810   36Kw
  36LB   900 x 1200 x 1500   1650   72Kw
  3 x 3 x 4   900 x 900 x 1200   972   36Kw
  3 x 3 x 6   900 x 900 x 1800   1458   72Kw/Direct steam
  4 x 4 x 8   1200 x 1200 x 2400   3456   108Kw/Direct steam
  5 x 5 x 10   1500 x 1500 x 3000   6750   Direct steam

Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer - Hyper Series - Technical Details / Size Available
  Model   Chamber   Chamber   Chamber   Steam Generator   Floor Space   Packed
    Diameter (mm)   Depth (mm)   Volume (Litres)   Capacity (Litres / kw)   (Width x Depth)   (kg)
  16 HS   400   600   79   45 / 18   1130 x 1900   380
  20 HS   500   900   186   69 / 36   1175 x 2210   600
  16 HA   400   600   79   26 / 6   1130 x 1900   350
  16 HB   400   1100   145   44 / 9   1130 x 2275   550
  20 HA   500   900   186   44 / 9   1175 x 2210   575
  20 HB   500   1100   227   44 / 9   1175 x 2350   625
  24 HA   600   900   267   44 / 9   1230 x 2400   750
  30 HB   750   1100   511   80 / 18   1460 x 3090   900
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